Friends and visitors,
i am coardially thankful to you all for your precious response. I was busy in my exams so i couldn’t post new articles for a long time. But now i am back here with you. If you want to contact me, then mail me at –


About dkshamli

I am a student with having a post-graduate and a professional teaching degrees. I am a single guy involved in computer technology and software developing business. Reading and surfing the web are my personal interests. Although i am a bit introvert but i have a good number of friends and i always try to make some more good friends to share myself with them.

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  1. Top sceret of 7 Lokas.Its true.talatala,rasatala..etc.brahmanda,bhavishat.especially vedavyasa already write.available old manuscripts palm leaves(TALAPATRA GRANDHALU)&old copper plates.already i translated.burmuda and devil tryangle history.The greate wirefull.Leading magzine VAARAM SREEVARAM.

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