UPA Government : Synonym To Corruption, Shamelessness And Sleekness


What was done in Ramlila Ground in Delhi is in no way can be said Democracy. Brutally beaten children, women, senior citizens, and most of all, those 125700 people whose fathers and grandfathers have been fought against the Britishers at a time to free India were all evident that we are still slaves of those so called leaders who are playing with the future of India and still want to be parasites. Personally i have a very deep sympathy for all those people and Baba Ramdeo who tried to brought back the black money which is the sole property of every Indian. We have chosen this government and i don’t think that it was the right decision because all leaders in this so-called government are none but just parasites who know the best way to suck the blood of Indian Nation and its offspring. This UPA government has crossed each and every limit in corruption, brutal suppression of its own people, buttering stronger countries and forcibly handing over the land from poor peasants. If Mahatma Gandhi could be alive today than by looking it he would have been died again.

What is the crime of Baba Ramdeo? He is not asking the government to bring the money back to give it to Patanjali Yoga Trust. Neither he wants to redistribute it to those who are not in possession. He just wants to bring this black money back so that it can be declared as the “National Property”. And while Baba is on satyagraha without putting a single piece of bread in his mouth, the government officials are biting the feast in royal buildings and five-star hotels. Where is Rahul Gandhi now who started a fake campaign against U.P. Government by doing so. Where is the Rahul Gandhi, who tries to show him as the leader and messiah of the depressed. No one can be declared a good leader by popularity stunts such as to eat with poor and to get between the people without security. Real sympathy and a feeling of brotherhood for our own people is necessary for that which is nowhere in Rahul Gandhi. Brutal opression at Ramlila Ground by UPA government shows that most of all persons related directly and indirectly to this government are corrupt and have the black money themselves.

Manmohan Singh : A puppet and Slave of Sonia Italian Gandhi

According to Sudarshan Kumar Kapoor One is reminded of an anecdote concerning Giani Zail Singh, who became the President of India in July 1982 on account of the patronage bestowed on him by Smt. Indira Gandhi. While expressing his humble gratitude to Smt. Indira Gandhi for the favour, the president-elect was reported to have remarked that he would gladly sweep the floor with a broom if Smt. Indira Gandhi desired so.

The UPA government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh is in the saddle at the Centre for the last one year and it is time to assess its work as well as to appraise the performance of Dr Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister of the country during this year.

The man is known by the company he keeps so goes a popular saying. If we judge our worthy Prime Minister by this yardstick, then we find that his cabinet box contains many rotten apples. There is no denying the fact that many of his companions and advisers inside and outside the government, whether chosen by him or thrust upon him, presenting the excuse of compulsions of coalition politics, are confirmed crooks and manipulators. In the presence of a such a privileged company, how can Dr Manmohan Singh, otherwise percieved to be a simple, honest and decent man, keep his image unsullied or uninjured? That is the real tragedy for a person who is otherwise considered a man of character, integrity and conscience. In the process, one loses both character and integrity.

In this context, one is reminded of an anecdote concerning Giani Zail Singh who became the President of India in July 1982 on account of the patronage bestowed on him by Smt. Indira Gandhi. While expressing his humble gratitude to Smt. Indira Gandhi for the favour, the president-elect was reported to have remarked that he would gladly sweep the floor with a broom if Smt. Indira Gandhi desired so. One may call it ones utmost humility or abject sycophancy. While comparing the conduct of Zail Singh and Manmohan Singh, one should not ignore their political backgrounds for an objective appraisal of their positions and standings.

The position of Dr Manmohan Singh is highly vulnerable. He has no following of his own. Neither is he a leader by his own right. His political and official existence exclusively depends on the discretion of Smt. Sonia Gandhi and he is obliged to follow her dictates willy-nilly. The decision-making power in the government does not rest with him any more. It lies somewhere else, a source, not unidentified but visible enough.

The Constitution of India speaks of the collective responsibility of the Council of Ministers but Dr Manmohan Singh is obliged to preside over the cabinet of a disjointed lot. Each minister seems to have his own agenda, stratagem and programme to pursue. There is an utter lack of cohesiveness in the functioning of the government and the Prime Minister seems to have lost the track of direction.

The hon’ble ministers of Dr Manmohan Singh’s cabinet have been speaking in different voices over the same issue, thus misleading the people and causing confusion all around. Read the statements of the worthies such as Mani Shankar Aiyer, Kamal Nath, Kapil Sibal, Arjun Singh, etc. Everywhere there is deception laced with a travesty of facts. P. Chidambaram’s juggling with the recent Budget proposals are a classical example of the confused state of mind of Manmohan Singh’s government. The ill-conceived VAT, brazenly and autocratically levied, has misfired and is proving a thorn in his flesh. Surprisingly, some of the Budget proposals presented by the Finance Minister were not only absurd, obnoxious and exhortative but also lacked seriousness and a sense of sincerety that accompany a Budget. Budget session is not the period for showing juvenille tantrums. It is a serious business.

Another illustrious minister of the Central Government is the unbridled and irrepressible Railway Minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav. He is a past master in the fine art of political chicanery and knows every trick of political trade and histrionics. What to talk of Dr Manmohan Singh, even Smt. Sonia Gandhi holds him in awe. He has been quite successful in making congress his captive party, thanks to his manipulatory skills, despite being out of power in Bihar.

The one-year period of the UPA government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh, under the tutelage of Sonia Gandhi, reminds one of the dark days of Emergency when Smt Indira Gandhi, actively supported by the communists and their bedfellows, asked for a committed judiciary, a committed Election Commission, a committed bureaucracy and a committed press/media. She started denigrating and humiliating every constitutional independent authority that the Indian Constitution provided.

Now Lalu Prasad Yadav indulged in the despicable act of using an IAS officer to denigrate and undermine the credibility of the Election Commission and tarnish its image, with Dr Manmohan Singh overlooking this unconstitutional tamasha as a spectator. It was a crude attempt on the part of the UPA and RJD to have a committed Election Commission, though this attempt has backfired for the time being. It, however, cannot be said that things are not in motion to achieve this objective.

Unfortunately, a dangerous trend that has been witnessed during the UPA rule is that the UPA government, aided by communists and Leftists, has almost captured the so-called national English press and made it captive, with the result that it does not remain free or independent anymore. In the last few months, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of the Central Government, under the stewardship of Shri Jaipal Reddy, has misused the AIR and Doordarshan in spreading canards against the Opposition parties and their leaders in the same manner in which it was done during the period of Emergency.

It is a sad reflection on the functioning of the UPA government that it has not been able to ensure a smooth running of the Parliament due to its arrogant and overbearing attitude. There is no denying the fact that all democratic norms of a parliamentary democracy have taken a nosedive during the UPA’s one-year rule.

While commenting on the Saptarishi episode, the Prime Minister advised the Election Commission to keep their house in order. On the other hand, the Speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, threateningly advised the judiciary to keep their house in order. But who would tell and advise Dr Manmohan Singh and Somnath to put their own houses in order before they render any advice to anybody else. The Constitution also enjoins on the Prime Minister and the Speaker to uphold the norms and values of a parliamentary democracy. Physician, heal thyself first!

Sonia Gandhi Destroying Indian Religion, Culture and Traditions

Conservative religious and political organizations in both the United States and India are following a similar strategy to reclaim the political power that they once enjoyed.  In both these countries the elected leaders have been called names, their religious and cultural allegiances called into question and doubts raised about their citizenship.

Sonia Gandhi is an easy target for the Indian right.  She is Italian Indian, a Catholic, a member of the Gandhi family and the President of the Indian National Congress.  She is by far the most powerful and influential political leader in India but she is not the Prime Minister.  This gives the impression that she is actually running the country and that the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh is just her puppet.

In a democracy like India no one should be above criticism including Sonia Gandhi.  She became the President of the Congress Party in 1998 and in the 12 years since the party has become one of the most corrupt political organizations in the country.  During her tenure the Congress Party which started the economic reforms under Prime Minister Narasimha Rao in 1992 has slowed down the rate of reform (political, social and economic) significantly.  The party has started implementing failed socialistic policies of the 70’s and 80’s all over again.  The total national debt and the budget deficits are increasing.

In addition Sonia Gandhi has done very little to dispel the notion that she is the real leader of the country.  She is always seen with the Indian Prime Minister at every major photo opportunity although she is just a member of the parliament.  One can also argue that Sonia Gandhi and her UPA government has failed to keep India safe from terrorist attacks and has also failed to check the millions of dollars sent to the country from the West and the Middle East for religious propaganda.

But can any sane person accuse Sonia Gandhi of destroying Indian religions, culture and traditions?  To be fair no one so far has come up with an agreeable definition and scope of what is and what is not Indian culture and traditions.  The religious beliefs, culture and traditions of 1.2 billion people cannot be easily defined.   Don’t we have to define who we are before we accuse someone of destroying it?

When we look at India one of the words that comes to mind is pluralism.  There is diversity wherever we look.  An overwhelming majority of us are “Hindus”.  But Hinduism itself is made up of many different religions and belief systems.  This is true for the Buddhists, Muslims and Sikhs of India as well.  This pluralism can also be seen in our culture and traditions.  India has a huge population but very few leaders to represent them.   It is very difficult for an Indian even to represent a small section of Indian society because of the diversity.

Organizations like the VHP want to change this pluralistic society that has worked very well for us for thousands of years.  They want to represent Indian culture and traditions and take on the onus of protecting “Hindu” interests.  In many ways they are creating their own definitions of what Hinduism is (One of the important issues for the VHP is to ban cow-slaughter.  According to VHP’s definition a Hindu should not eat Beef.  This narrow interpretation of what a Hindu can or cannot eat goes against Indian culinary traditions and scriptures).

VHP Chief said the following in the very same statement: “Over 85 per cent Muslims want peace. However, the remaining 15 per cent have been dominant and involved in terrorist activities. They purposely attack Hindus.”  This statement shows more than anything else the real intent of organizations like the VHP.  They are trying to divide the nation by making baseless allegations against those they disagree with.  There are about 150 Muslims in India.  According to VHP 15% of them are “involved in terrorist activities”.  Does the VHP wants the rest of us to believe that about 21 million Indian Muslims are terrorists and that they are purposely attacking the Hindus?

Ashok Singhal owes an apology to the Muslim community of India.  Indians should make it clear to the VHP and other right wing religious organizations that hate mongering and divisive strategies will not work.  Ashok Singhal should also stop talking on behalf of Hinduism or Indians.

According to Indiafirsthand

At last i urge you to please read this article, make it read and link it to others and spread this thought that Ramdeo is not fighting for himself alone. He is fighting for every Indian and it is our moral duty to support him at any cost because the government  has denied to negotiate with Baba. If the government do so, it will show the brutal and corrupt face of inconsequential UPA government, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Digvijay Singh aka hundred-tongued broker who on the one hand calls Baba a thug and Terrorist Ossama-Bin-Laden, Laden-ji (Laden sir) and Kapil  Sibbal  who says that no one was hurt at Ramlila Ground while every Indian know the truth that hundreds of innocent were brutally beaten up and lethally wounded there. Please do it not for any political party but because you are Indian and every Indian should support for such a pious cause to bring the Indian National property back home. Proud to be an Indian.